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Publication Provides Editorial Support For
Diana's Cause Banning Use Of Land Mines

    "Flowers For Princess Diana," a book that describes first-hand the compelling personality and common touch that the late Princess Diana displayed during her short reign in England, has been co-authored by long-time Las Vegas journalist Chuck N. Baker, and Englishman Ian Jackman. It contains original, never-before-published photographs of Diana taken by Jackman.
    The authors hope the resulting publicity about the release of the book will help promote the banning of land mines around the globe. Diana supported many charitable causes in her lifetime, and stopping the manufacture and use of land mines was one she felt strongly about. The authors have pledged to donate a portion of their profits to qualified organizations that support banning land mines.
    Jackman, an Englishman, knew Diana and was a champion and advocate of her views. He was a firm supporter of the Princess and helped provide strength and encouragement during her times of tribulation. During those years he photographed her at public functions and royal celebrations, and accumulated a library of hundreds of his original photographs. Indirectly through Jackman, Las Vegas television, radio and print journalist Chuck N. Baker came to meet Diana on several occasions. Upon Diana's death in 1997, Baker flew to England and conducted intense interviews with Jackman, which culminated in "Flowers For Princess Diana." Sorting through Jackman's photos, he chose a number of them to include in the book. He returned to the U.S. to write the resulting manuscript.

Princess Diana, photographed by Ian Jackman.
(Copyright Interstate 15 Publishing Corp.)

    The book containing approximately 25 exlcusive photographs of Diana is available world-wide on-line for $24.95 (U.S.) from Trafford On-Demand Publishing, at (Or, Phone (888) 232-4444.
    Baker has seen first-hand the carnage land mines can afflict on combatants and innocent civilians alike. As a soldier in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War, he was gravely wounded by an enemy hand grenade and spent seven months in the hospital, where doctors were successful in repairing his mangled legs. He was awarded a Purple Heart and the Combat Infantryman's Badge. Baker noted, "I'm not against nations defending themselves against legitimate enemies, and I realize that as horrible as war is, it's been an unfortunate fact of life and history. But land mines are a hidden evil that each year kill and maim hundreds of innocent civilians, including children. Diana recognized this and worked to encourage governments to ban the use of such weaponry. Ian and I support her goals in that arena, and we sincerely hope our book will help to rally additional backing for the cause."
    Readers of the book and fans of Diana are being asked to provide financial backing to organizations that work to ban land mines. In addition, a portion of the author's profits from the sale of the book will be donated to qualified organizations that support the banning of land mines.

Trafford On-Demand Publishing version: ISBN 1-55369-534-8 [Phone (888) 232-4444]

* Ian Jackman can be reached for interviews in London, England, at 07974 260756 (in the U.K.) -- or -- 011 44 79 74 2607 56 (from the U.S.A.)
Alternate number: 01707 268287 (from the U.K.) -- or -- 011 44 17 07 2682 87 (from the U.S.A.)

* Chuck N. Baker can be reached for interviews in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A., at (702) 838-6638 (office) or (702) 501-5327 (cell phone.)

From left, Ian Jackman and Chuck N. Baker, signing book contracts in London.
(Photo by Linda F. Guiffreda-Baker.)