Sept., 2014
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Purple Heart Recipient Produces Documentary To Destigmatize Negative Perception of Veterans

LAS VEGAS, Nevada -- "VETERANS: A Motion Picture," a documentary produced by award-winning journalist and Army Vietnam veteran Chuck N. Baker, has been released to help dispel news stories and editorial opinions that he says often tend to paint all veterans as having PTSD and other mental and emotional problems.

"Too many veterans have not received their fair share of positive media coverage," Baker said. "I have produced a documentary film that illustrates in brief interviews and vignettes how most American veterans return from military life and become positive citizens. Overwhelming media depictions of soldiers who come home and who can't adjust to civilian life is just plain wrong, and is an insult to the veterans community as well as to the active-duty military."

Baker points that he in no way "seeks to denigrate those individuals who in fact do suffer from ailments due to their military experiences. They have served honorably and proudly in defense of their nation, and they deserve full credit and gratitude from the government and the public. But for too long, many veterans have not received their fair share of positive media coverage, and I hope to help turn that dialogue around with this documentary." By interviewing men and women from different services who served at different times, he has woven into a single narrative a DVD that illustrates how veterans return to civilian life and successfully lead productive, fulfilling lives. Many of the interviews were culled from Baker's recent veterans television show, while some interviews were done especially for the DVD. Those stories are combined with archival footage, government promotional film and statements from veterans service organizations. "This film puts the lie to a general media perception of large numbers of disturbed veterans returning from service and not contributing to society in a meaningful way," Baker says.

A long-time writer and filmmaker, some vintage scenes used in the production were shot by Baker as far back as the 1960s when he was a young teenager. Those B&W shots were produced with a silent 8mm camera. "I was working for the Chicago Tribune as a copy boy. So I was able to attend news events and shoot some film at the time of some famous politicians who happened to have been veterans," Baker said. "I didn't know then that I would use the footage far into the future, or that I would serve in combat myself a few short years later." His vintage film is artfully woven between the current footage he produced.

Baker has worked for several newspapers, television stations and radio outlets. He is the founder and former managing editor of the Veterans Reporter newspaper, and was the producer and host of the Nevada television's "The Veterans Reporter Show-Chuck N. Baker Reporting." He is currently the producer and host of a Las Vegas radio show* by the same name. His first video production in the 1980s, "Basic Real Estate Investing," was honored with a "Best Educational Video" award from the Los Angeles Film Teachers Association.

"VETERANS: A Motion Picture," is available for $19.95 through Amazon or E-Bay by going to the sites and typing in the name of the DVD; or typing in "Chuck N. Baker"; or typing the full link:

Baker is a veteran of the U.S. Army's 1st Infantry Division, "The Big Red One." He received a Purple Heart after being severely wounded in Vietnam. After his discharge, he was elected to the office of state commander of the Disabled American Veterans in California, and later held several offices in Nevada chapters of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, The American Legion and the Military Order of the Purple Heart. As a journalist, he was a section editor of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and was the editor of the Boulder City News in Boulder City, Nevada. He later established the Veterans Reporter newspaper and was its editor for 14 years. He has received numerous journalism awards from the Veterans Administration and from veterans service organizations for his compelling reporting about veterans issues.

Non-Profit Audio-Only Company Being Formed To Help Blinded Veterans

Separate from the film, Baker is heading a concurrent project to establish a non-profit organization that will serve to help blinded veterans, and eventually help any blinded American. The company has filed a tentative federal trademark application for the name TIN-The Interview Network.® The company will produce audio description CD and download versions of vintage public domain motion pictures that will allow blinded veterans to hear classic movies and comprehend the stories without viewing the films. The CD's will be provided totally free of charge to organizations that serve blinded veterans and other blinded Americans. The CD's will include verbal descriptions of the action occurring in between the actors speaking roles. In addition, each title will include original music that will be written exclusively for each film. Baker said initial releases will be of public domain movies, but as the company develops he will be adding proprietary literary products on CD and via downloads under TIN's alternate No Pictures Needed® logo. Those products will include exclusive books, exclusive interviews, speeches and seminars. He will also approach celebrities and ask them to assist in the recording process. "I want to point out that all the products will be given totally free-of-charge to any qualified organization that serves blinded veterans," Baker said.

Baker is initially personally funding the new company, but he is preparing to apply to the IRS for 501(c)3 non-profit status, and is seeking quick approval. Once approved he will approach corporations and foundations for charitable donations and grants in order to help fund No Pictures Needed products to assist blinded veterans and other Americans who are vision impaired.

Chuck N. Baker
Purple Heart recipient, Vietnam Army combat veteran.
Law School graduate (non-practicing attorney).
Award-winning print journalist:
-2001 Fellow, National Press Association
-Reporting Award, Veterans of Foreign Wars
-Two Reporting Awards, Dept. of Veterans Affairs
-Public Service Journalism Award, Local Chapter Vietnam Veterans
Founder and former managing editor, Veterans Reporter (Nevada) newspaper
Former Real Estate editor, Las Vegas Review-Journal
Former Editor, Boulder City (Nevada) News
TV & Radio news:
-Former anchor/reporter, Las Vegas ONE cable news.
-Former anchor/reporter, UPN-TV, Las Vegas.
-Former anchor/reporter, KTUD-VEGAStv.
-Current radio host/producer, "Veterans Reporter-Chuck N. Baker Reporting," KLAV-AM, Las Vegas.
Author of three published books on topics of real estate, popular music and Princess Diana.

Former State Commander, California Disabled American Veterans, Member of American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Vietnam Veterans of America, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Filmmaker/Video/TV producer:
-Producer, director, writer, host of home video "Basic Real Estate Investing,"
winner of Best Educational Video.
-Producer, director, writer, host of DVD documentary,
"VETERANS: A Motion Picture."
-Producer and host of television news shows.

*Baker can currently be heard each Thursday from 8-9 p.m. PST, on KLAV-AM, in Las Vegas. Internationally, the show is streamed live at www.klav1230am.