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Flowers For Princess Diana

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Purple Heart Recipient Produces Documentary To Destigmatize Negative Perception of Veterans:
"Too many veterans have not received their fair share of positive media coverage," Baker said. "I have produced a documentary film that illustrates in brief interviews and vignettes how most American veterans return from military life and become positive citizens. Overwhelming media depictions of soldiers who come home and who can't adjust to civilian life is just plain wrong, and is an insult to the veterans community as well as to the active-duty military." DVD

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"Flowers For Princess Diana," a book that describes first-hand the compelling personality and common touch that the late Princess Diana displayed during her short reign in England, has been co-authored by long-time Las Vegas journalist Chuck N. Baker, and Englishman Ian Jackman. It contains original, never-before-published photographs of Diana taken by Jackman. The authors hope the resulting publicity about the release of the book will help promote the banning of land mines around the globe. Diana supported many charitable causes in her lifetime, and stopping the manufacture and use of land mines was one she felt strongly about. The authors have pledged to donate a portion of their profits to qualified organizations that support banning land mines. Book

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Flowers For Princess Diana Narrated CD-ROM
With additional Photographs


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